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Restaurant Spotlight-Moody’s Pita and Hummus IN Tallahassee,FL

Florida and the Mediterranean may be over 5,000 miles apart, but that didn’t stop Moody’s Pita and Hummus from bringing delectable Middle Eastern food to the heart of Tallahassee. Just a few short blocks away from the Florida State University Stadium, locals are experiencing the authentic taste of chicken shawarma and tabouli without having to shell out the money for pricey airfare. The cherry on top? Moody’s has made their menu completely customizable allowing each customer to create their ideal pita sandwich or plate.

Moody’s has successfully detected the current trend in restaurants we have seen with establishments such as Chipotle and Pieology. There is a high demand for fast paced, delicious food containing all the ingredients that align exactly with a customer’s particular tastebuds. Consumers want complete control over the meat to lettuce ratio or how much sauce is drizzled over their meal. They want all of this at hyper speed and for a great deal, the two aspects Hooked has centered the entirety of the food application’s foundation around. Moody’s taps into this Chipotle-like model and places their own original spin on it.


The restaurant allows the customer to select their base, protein, mix-ins, and sauce from a variety of tasty options. Creations can vary from deep fried falafel draped over a hummus base to a pita sandwich packed to the brim with beef shawarma,veggies, and tzatziki. No matter what concoction a customer builds, it is on their terms.

Hooked Inc. has had the pleasure of partnering with Moody’s since their first months in business and has loved watching their restaurant flourish.  Whether it’s in Tallahassee or 37 of the other Hooked cities, users log in to the app to decide where to eat, drink and socialize while saving money through deals.

“Hooked has been great for my restaurant so far. I have seen several new customers come in with the app and am looking forward to seeing even more new faces when the students are back for the Fall semester.”
Moody, the restaurant owner.

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